Celestone Provides Activity Management Service for the World’s Largest Escalator Manufacturer


Celestone reaches an agreement with the world’s largest escalator manufacturer to provide the process planning, creative design and other services in the kick-off conference of interior reorganization.


Founded in 1874, the client is the world’s largest escalator manufacturer. Now it has two production bases and one Asia-Pacific R&D center in China. It has been dedicated to offering Chinese customers the research, sales, service and technical support of world-leading elevators and escalators.

To meet the ever-increasing global business and provide better and more convenient services, the Chinese management of the client planed to make a round of reorganization. To ensure the smooth transformation, the client hoped to announce the news in an internal conference, invigorate the staff, improve the relationship between the management and employees, and consequently pave a way for the reorganization.


1)  Time control: Celestone shall complete the preparation for the activity in just seven workdays from the customer request to the formal conference.

2)  Creative design: As this activity is related to the reorganization of the client, it is critical for the successful transformation to show the activity theme through creative field demonstration.

3)  Organization planning: The limited time and higher demand of the project pose a challenge to its time control in terms of preliminary plan establishment, material preparation, creative design and field organization & implementation.


Upon receiving the task, Celestone Project Team responded immediately, brainstormed, held discussions, and communicated with the client to develop an excellent activity plan.

At the early stage, Celestone made full preparations on the timetable, flow chart, material list, etc. As there are just seven workdays from the customer request to the formal conference, Celestone Project Team worked overtime to fulfill and confirm the preparation of the activity. Meanwhile, to maximize the effect of the activity, Celestone Creative Design Department first combined the factors such as multimedia, cartoon and music to highlight the theme in a relaxed atmosphere, and promote the communication among all attendees.

Notably, Celestone just used five days to complete the task from the proposal of creative design, content confirmation to final delivery. The client spoke highly of Celestone’s project management, planning and implementation, and Celestone effectively expanded the services through this activity.

Client’s Benefits

Celestone is committed to providing efficient, comprehensive communication solutions. For the limited time and higher demands of the project, Celestone Project Team has delivered the creative and applicable services to ensure the smooth reorganization.