Celestone Cooperates with Tsinghua SEM to Establish Highly Reliable Financial Management Platform


Celestone developed highly reliable financial management system platform for the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM), helping comprehensively improve the processing capability of Tsinghua SEM’s financial system.


Dated back to 1926 as the Economics Department, Tsinghua SEM boasts the leading disciplinary level in China. In recent years, routine office applications became more dependent on the Internet, and the existing financial management mode of Tsinghua SEM cannot cater to the requirements of the Internet economy. So Tsinghua SEM is in pressing need of an easy-to-manage, safe, scalable modern financial management platform. Meanwhile, the problems such as out-of-date knowledge and high manual cost, which cannot adapt to sophisticated new office applications, are becoming acuter.


1)  Vague requirements: As all previous financial work was done with Excel and the fixed thinking mode focused on Excel functions, the client does not have a clear knowing of the new concept of system and can not accurately turn business procedure to system function demands. Thus Celestone technicians shall develop a tailor-made solution based on comprehensive understanding of the client’s professional background and work procedure.

2)  Complex privilege division: As the client required, the system shall support the simultaneous use of multiple departments within Tsinghua SEM, and allocate different using privileges to different users according to specific classification standard.

3)  Logic relation analysis: Major modules such as Reimbursement Management System and Class Compensation Issue Management System are interconnected, and a slight change of a module may bring unexpected problems to other modules. Therefore, it is critical to assure the client’s requirements before the project execution.


During this cooperation, Celestone provided a complete set of system R&D services from demand analysis, system development to test & delivery, including: Budget Management System, Reimbursement Management System, Class Compensation Issue Management System, Financial Revenue Management System, Inventory Management System, Bulletin Board System, User Management and Dynamic Privilege Setting System.

In the preliminary stage, Celestone System R&D Team took initiative to communicate with the client, to help clarify the system functions and using standard, and to understand the operating procedure and conventions of financial system. Based on the final communication result, Celestone Project Team drafted the system framework in short term and submitted to the client for confirmation and modification. The frequent communication in the initial phase laid a good foundation for the smooth progress of the project.

In order to support the multi-department use of the system and meet the requirements of financial system for security and confidentiality, Celestone Project Team shall set corresponding using privilege for departmental personnel at different levels according to the client’s classification, and transform requirements into accurate system functions.

Besides, considering the strong logic relationship among system modules, Celestone Project Team specified system design at the preliminary stage to minimize the possibility of requirement change at the fellow-up stage and ensure the security and streamline of the overall system operation. Moreover, Celestone attached high importance to the scalability of the system to meet the client’s demand for sustainable business development. In this way, the client can realize online upgrade based on the existing management system to satisfy application requirements to the most degree.

Client’s Benefits

According to the project principal, Tsinghua SEM will remarkably improve the financial management capability by introducing advanced financial management system and operating procedure. Celestone’s high-efficient financial management platform not only increases the influence of information technology on the financial management of Tsinghua SEM, but also creates an information highway for multi-department collaboration and integrated office within SEM.