Celestone Offers the World’s Largest Chip Maker the Website Localization Service in the New Program


Celestone offers the world’s largest chip maker the website localization service in the new program, including real-time track of the English website, timely update of Chinese website in line with the English website, and supervision and management of the content uploading.


The new program is a core element of the customer’s global marketing programs and a major influence to the advertising ecosystem in the computer industry. As a flagship co-op advertising program, the Program is primarily a processor branding program. The customer’s logos that appear in advertising or on computer systems serve as a reminder to computer buyers that the systems they are purchasing contain a genuine chip product, and offers quality, reliability and compatibility from the world’s largest chip maker.


1)  Timely content update: real-time track for the updated English page, and Chinese localization of the relevant updated content;

2)  Clear product demands: As the project is involved with many steps, Web department shall fully understand the customer’s demand and turn it to explicit product demand;

3)  Control over details: It is universal to just update the added paragraph or modified key words, so it shall control over the update purpose of details.


Since the customer has strict requirements for the project quality, Celestone assigned an experienced project manager for the project communication. While ensuring the effective communication and working with the establishment of enhanced QA process, the project manager shall control the progress of the entire project and check the effect to guarantee the work meeting the customer’s demand.

In terms of web page production, the project manager made QA on web page status with Web department for many times and paid great efforts on the project optimization with more detailed customer demands. The project manager supervised the high-quality work of Web department to promote the completion of some production tasks ahead of schedule while saving time for the project progress.

Generally, website business includes translation, web page update and production. As regards web page update, it may modify one paragraph or individual words in a new page, so translator only need to translate the changed part while Web department adjusts it during web page production. This seemingly simple process also has high requirements for the localization of the changed part, which is critical update. Celestone’s Key Account, Key Project Management and Translation departments made repeated QA for the special problems to help translator understand the updated part and make perfect localization translation.

Customer Benefits

Celestone has effectively communicated with the customer for many times to have a deep understanding of the customer’s demands. Meanwhile, our qualified schedule management and scientific progress management help the customer realize better program result at reduced time and cost.