Celestone Offers the Marketing Department of a World-leading E-business Software Provider the Information Management System


Celestone offers the marketing department of a world-leading e-Business software provider the internal information management system and service.


The customer, one of the world's largest management software companies, delivers software and services across operations, security, storage, life cycle and service management.

To better manage market information and carry out market activities, the customer needs a complete set of market information management system for the archiving of all business information. The system is expected to analyze the market activities and lay a solid foundation for the further market expansion.


The biggest challenge is how to meet the changing demands of the customer on internal organization and work process during the construction of market information management system.


During the cooperation with the customer, Celestone provided three system solutions. The first version is a multi-function system platform to satisfy the unified demand of the market department. The users include system administrator, market personnel and visitors: The system administrator can manage the information data and files of all modules; Market personnel has the same rights as the system administrator in modules excluding user and resource management modules; And visitors can browse information content of all modules and download relevant files, but cannot manage and operate information and files.

Since the customer’s market department depends on the information exchange and different units have different functions, Celestone then created the second version to strengthen the existing functions, optimize the column and modules, and improve the permission for some users.

With the change of the internal organization and work process in the customer, the system structure of the second version failed to meet the demands of the market department.

Facing the frequently changing demands of the customer, Celestone released the most manageable version based on brand new creative concept. The third version can flexibly set up column and module contents, without need of modifying programs even if the department structure often changes. Meanwhile, users can independently establish the applicable information management system. So the system is suitable for the information and file management of any company or department by virtue of its strong scalable functions and flexible management.

Customer Benefits

Our system offers the customer an intelligent management platform integrating project information exchange, file sharing and affair management planning. So it can effectively manage various files in the market activities, make full use of market data, and clearly record all project information.