Celestone Customizes Flash Service for a World-leading IT Company


Celestone partnered with a world-leading IT company on Flash service.


Founded in 1939, the client company is a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services for business and home that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. The client has leveraged multimedia in market promotion for many times. To better showcase the benefits and features of its products, the client hoped to change the traditionally dull, mechanical User Manual through vivid and intuitive Flash animation and offered consumers an easy, convenient application experience.


1)  Excellent bilingual ability: All project documents provided by the client were written in English, with each hundreds of pages, most of which were design specifications of product development. Their translation will increase the operation cost and production time. Thus, Celestone Project Team shall have excellent bilingual ability to fully understand the documents and draft Flash Action Script for animation design, while dealing with the mass documents and ensuring the timely delivery of the project.

2)  Scientific project management: Since the animation design and production were simultaneously carried out, the Flash script shall be updated according to the changing product details. Moreover, as this was the first attempt of animation production for the client, many key production standards have not improved yet. Therefore, it is crucial for the success of the project to ensure scientific and smooth process and implementation within the given time.


At the preliminary stage, Celestone made demand analysis and project planning in detail on the basis of adequate communication with the client and mass professional reference materials. Celestone designated a senior project manager for coordination, and appointed excellent translators and engineers in a team for language and technical support.

The project team responded immediately, analyzed animation production, and developed a set of professional management process featuring unified mode and sequential management. First of all, two advanced editors read all reference materials including user experience and design specifications to have a thorough understanding of product design requirements. Then, they drafted Flash Action Scripts according to strict design instructions and delivered to the technical team for animation production.

In particular, to ensure the optimal effect and compliance with the client’s requirements, the two advanced editors shall provide assistance and instructions throughout the animation production and test.

Besides, the lack of key design standards and specifications caused the product design requirements to be modified for several times during the implementation of the project. In this case, Celestone, based on its rich experience in serving multinationals, boldly innovated work process in line with the client’s work methods. Meanwhile, the project team kept in touch with the client’s technical support staff to manage each update and meet requirements to the best.

Client’s benefits

With the fast-growing cross-country outsourcing business, the client needs new partners in China to help consolidate its leadership in the market. With the aid of professional multilingual capability, outstanding creative design, strong technical support and high-efficient project management capability, Celestone helped the client save huge cost and achieve high value-added project experience.