Celestone Offers the World’s Largest Chip Maker the Flash Creative Design Service in the SMB Technology Promotion


Celestone offers the world’s largest chip maker the Flash creative demo service in the SMB technology promotion in virtue of its proven expertise, deep understanding and professional creative production capability.


The Flash demo is designed for the customer’s SMB department to conduct the market promotion and sales, fully introduce the unique advantages of new technology in shops, and enhance users’ knowledge of the technology application. Today, this technology is mainly used in the notebook design and production.

In the previous Flash projects related to product promotion, the customer usually turned to overseas localization service providers for the product design, and then let domestic service providers for the localized modification. In this project, Celestone provides a complete set of Flash project solution including creative design, script writing, scenario building and production.


The biggest challenge of the project is that Celestone’s Creative Design department adopts manual Flash production combining with the features of the new technology in the Flash design.


To ensure the Flash content meeting the demand of terminal market, Celestone’s project team specially studies the features of SMB consumption group and analyzes the new technology from the professional perspective. It clarifies and shows the characteristics of new products during scenario building with rich creations to help SMB users know their actual demands.

Understanding the application features of new technology, Celestone communicates with the customer. After determining the first draft, Celestone, with many years experience on localization service for the customer’s products, brings forward its suggestions that are well recognized by the customer.

To highlight the strong advantages of new product in wireless LAN, mobile computing, expanded battery life, light weight and portable feature, Celestone designs six manual scenarios to empower the product application demonstration a sense of times with vivid presentation by means of real people video, image and animation.

Moreover, Celestone also provides top-class Chinese dubbing in the Flash production and meanwhile minimizes the times of dubbing by cutting and integrating dubbing files from the perspective of customer, ensuring the cost control and meeting the customer’s schedule requirement to the greatest extent.

Customer Benefits

Celestone provides the customer with the perfect Flash demon for the feature and benefit of the new technology. Meanwhile, our creative design concept and manual production significantly improve the demo result.