Celestone Offers the World’s Largest Chip Maker the Chipset Motherboard OEM Online Training “Webinar”


Celestone provides the Webinar solution to the world’s largest chip maker, enabling large-scale online multimedia training for motherboard OEMs at high efficiency and low cost.


The Chipset Motherboard OEM Training is held by the customer’s Chipset Product Marketing Development department for new chipset marketing among major motherboard OEMs in different regions. Due to the wide coverage and high specialization, the training usually involves a huge amount of human power and material resources.

Celestone offers the customer the Webinar solution to save time and expenses.


1)  Specialized products: Each new product of the customer represents the latest technology in the industry. So we have to focus on the product features from a professional perspective.

2)  Complex process: We provide the customer with a complete set of solutions ranging from scripts, scenes, dubbing, video shooting, PPT presentation, audio/video editing to Webinar making.

3) Data statistics: Webinar needs strong background functions, while the statistical function is expected to offer the customer detailed data reports for accurate evaluation of the online training.


In the customer’s Chipset Motherboard OEM Training, our Webinar platform is put into application and is well recognized by the customer.

Two Webinar interfaces in Chinese and English are needed for the users in China and the United States. Before the video shooting, the project team carefully studies the training contents to get a full understanding of new products and eliminate problems in the shooting and designing. Besides, the project manager communicates with the customer, and optimizes the video scripts according to the English materials provided by the customer, thus ensuring the best visual effect. For technical presentation in the process, the project team works with the customer to prepare relevant support materials like PPT files.

The videos for Webinar are live-action scenes, and all voices of the trainer need to be translated to correspond with the training courses.To ensure the schedule and effect of the Webinar, the translation department and the multimedia department work on the QA process before a final version is approved. Continuous optimization of the audio/video files allows the participants to browse the training contents online easily and quickly. Meanwhile, the expert online function of Webinar makes the training more interactive.

With the aid of powerful statistics system in Webinar, Celestone sums up the participants data and submits a detailed survey report to the customer for the latter tracking of the training effect.

Customer Benefits

Our Webinar solution helps the customer offer the participants a lot of references with integrated PPT and audio/video files. The solution allows the participated companies to train their employees accordingly, thus expanding the influence of the training. Meanwhile, it also enables the users in the United States to receive the training in time. Webinar has broken the confinements of traditional offline training, saving time and expenses for preparation. Based on the strong background information collection function in Webinar, the personal data of participants are collected to enrich the customer’s database.