Celestone Provides HR Training Document Translation for A World Leading Telecom Operator


Celestone provides HR training document translation service for a world leading telecom operator, and ensures the project completion in short time by virtue of its outstanding translation and project management capabilities.


Founded in 1899 with the slogan of “Better Products, Better Service”, the client is committed to providing customers the top-class products and after-sales services. Through a century’s effort, the client has become a well-known multinational company in IT, communications and semiconductor.

This HR training is the first step of the annual HR training plan of the client, aiming to strengthen the HR department’s recognition of administrative structure and business process. So the plan plays a significant role in organizational structure management.


1)  Urgent time: Celestone shall translate nearly 40,000-word professional document within 20 days while performing many translation tasks from other clients;

2)  High specialty: as HR management is a special professional field, its translation requires the use of HR technical terms and understanding of the particularity of the client’s industry;

3)  High importance: the HR training document is the policy document, so the client raises high requirement on the translation accuracy.


Through communication with the client and reference of numerous professional materials, Celestone made project demand analysis and planning, and assigned experienced project manager for the project schedule. While keeping effective communication, the project manager assisted the construction of enhanced QA process to control the schedule and check the effect, thus ensuring the result meets the client’s demand.

Besides, Celestone adjusted the current workflow and invited HR experts for the final review to help translators understand the technical terms and ensure the accurate translation. Then, Celestone timely delivered the first document to the client, and made further improvement according to the client’s feedback, completing the project on schedule.

Client’s Benefits

The translation of HR training document has long been a tough issue for the client, as it requires not only technical terms, but also deep understanding of the company’s philosophy and culture. The introduction of HR expert in review optimizes the translation process and brings the client high value-added services. Moreover, it leads to optimal training effect, and guarantees the implementation of the annual HR training plan of the client.