Celestone Offers the World’s Largest Chip Maker the Multilingual Localication Service in the Latest Branding Guide


Celestone offers the world’s largest chip maker the multilingual translation, marketing collateral design and making, and cross-border delivery of the latest Branding Guide.


To enhance the new brand identity unveiled in January, Asia Pacific Marketing Services of the customer entrusted Celestone to design the latest Branding Guide in six languages including English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian to guide the promotion of new brand identity in 12 cities. In addition to localized translation, the project also includes creative design of training manuals, easy-pulls and posters, copy writing, resource management, logistics delivery, etc.


1)  Translation: The project involves six languages, and we need to translate the English materials provided by the customer into the other five languages. There are few localization service providers in China that can support five languages while ensuring high project quality.

2)  Quality control: The materials of this project (specifications for the customer’s brand and logo) are mainly used for market promotion, requiring the translation to be precise, standard and suitable for local market.

3)  Creative design: The creative design for this project not only uses the new logo for the first time, but also optimizes the scripts according to the culture and habits in different countries and regions.

4)  Resource management and logistics: As required by the customer, we have to deliver the finished products to the training centers in 12 Asia-Pacific cities on time. The management of transportation and relevant matters pose new challenge to this project.


Due to the wide coverage, the effective integrated project management was very important. We organized a project team consisting of Creative Design, Key Account & Key Project Management and Multilingual Service departments, with an experienced project manager responsible for communication and coordination of the project. Meanwhile, a precise schedule was made to ensure smooth implementation.

With enhanced quality assurance (QA) process, our native speakers optimized the scripts to ensure that the different versions of training materials cater to local people’s reading habits. While designing the manuals and marketing collaterals such as easy-pulls and posters, new fonts were needed to highlight the new specification. The lack of traditional Chinese fonts became an obstacle to the design. Therefore, after purchasing new fonts, we re-designed the traditional Chinese version to ensure the best effect of the new logo.

To make the training courses more interactive, the customer arranged gift presentation and lucky draw in every training location, and we were also responsible for selection and delivery of the gifts. We recommended gifts that represent the culture of different places, and completed their purchase and design for the customer. Meanwhile, the logistics delivery of the manuals and relevant materials to 12 cities was completed.

Customer Benefits

Celestone offers the customer the comprehensive services such as translation, creative design, and logistics management. Meanwhile, our experienced project managers help the customer effectively manage the project, provide the value-added services, estimate the risks and control the costs.