Celestone Provides Localization Service for the Forum of the World’s Largest Chip Maker


Celestone provides localization service for the forum of the world’s largest chip maker, including field and material translation (audio/video, text, PPT), etc.


The forum is a cutting-edge activity in the computing and communication industry based on the design, development and solution of the client’s architecture. The twice-yearly event was initiated in San Francisco, USA, in 1997 and held in China in 1999 for the first time, serving as the important platform to release technology and present product roadmap.

As the client is the world’s largest chip maker, its forum plays a key role in the global information technology industry.


The forum in spring 2007 attracted many well-known multinational companies, including Huawei, Cisco, IBM, Nokia, HP, Microsoft, TIBCO, etc. The four-day event delivered four keynotes, 84 technical sessions and 13 Chalk Talks concerning technical R&D, mobile computing, digital enterprise, digital home and channel platform. Therefore, it needs the translation of a large number of documents with extensive content, diversified formats and high technical requirements, posing a great challenge to local service provider.


As the specified localization service provider of the client in China, Celestone has long been providing complete translation and localization support for the forum since 1999.

In the prophase of the project, based on workload analysis, Celestone found that the biggest challenge it faced with was the translation of 100 Track PPT (30-50 pages/PPT) within five working days. In this case, Celestone set up a project team consisting of the members from Creative Design, Project Management and Chinese/English Service. Under the leadership of an experienced project manager, it convened project initiation and communication conferences to analyze the status quo of the project and bring forward a feasible solution, that is, ten senior translators are engaged in the PPT translation.

As the client’s documents cover a large amount of audio, video, text, PPT collaterals and technical materials with urgent deadline, the translation department sometimes had to complete a document within two hours, and worked at weekends, while the relevant project management staff kept their mobile phones power on in order to know the project progress at any moment and ensure its smooth execution. Besides, Celestone specially assigned two translators for the field document translation from 7:00 to 22:00 on April 13-18.

Additionally, in order to provide the best localization service, Celestone also arranged Chinese edition team to make the final retouching. Celestone’s services facilitate the success of the forum.

Client’s Benefits

Celestone delivered the high-quality professional document translation under efficient project management, and supported the client’s forum with its powerful translation capability and effective risk assessment.