Celestone Provides Localization Service for the world`s leading network communications company

April 2007 C Celestone, the leading Chinese translation & localization company, provided website localization services for the world`s leading network communications company.

The client, a Finland-based fifty-fifty joint venture incorporated by two world-renowned companies from the two departments related, was put into operation in April 2007. According to the 2005 Financial Report of the two, the new company will have pro forma revenues of approximately 15.8 billion with 60,000 employees.

Website is the window for people to know a new company. For the client established its Asia HQ in China, the localization of its Chinese website was vital. The company finally chose Celestone for our expertise in translation and technical capacity after thorough examination and assessment.

The project faced new challenges. On one hand, remote operation, from translation and content management to opening, modifying and saving the web page made time tight. On the other hand, no translation memory system can be imported to unify the terminology, adding risk to the project.

Celestone set up a project team comprised of project managers, technicians, translators, editors, testers and other staff, and worked out a comprehensive solution after careful evaluation of the contents and requirements. The team also made some technical improvement by deploying the German-based website content management system in our intranet as virtual servers, thus to speed up the operation and meet the deadline.

Richard Lin, director of localization services at Celestone, said, The project shows Celestone`s technical strength as well as project management and control capacities. Translation is just a part of the project; the customer`s use of CMS matters more. Management and translation of the Chinese content faced great challenges as the system servers were in German and programs were complex. Within the limited project cycle, our project and technical managers developed a solution through communication with the German technical heads, ensuring its smooth implementation. As more and more customers require comprehensive localization service suppliers to provide services, the success of a project largely lies in the technology, software, design, project management and cross-cultural communication. Celestone strives to meet all those demands.