Celestone Participates in Preparing and Launching the Localization Forum

August-October 2007, Celestone, the leading Chinese translation & localization company, has joined hands with other industry leaders to prepare for the launch of the localization forum of XVIII FIT World Congress. 

China, with its entry into WTO and economic globalization, has become a strategic market for multinational companies. The booming economy encourages Chinese enterprises to expand their international reach while attracting more multinational companies to China. While providing huge opportunities for China`s localization industry, this trend requires the localization companies to provide more extensive language and technical services to respond to increasing demands in the international market.

To Chinese localization companies, the traditional single business mode cannot meet international demands. Through years of development, the localization industry in China has been improving its service architecture and growing mature.

However, localization is still unknown to the Chinese market, and its role in international operation of businesses is not recognized.

The localization forum to be launched by Chinese localization companies aims to build the image of localization companies and the industry, enhance the communication with overseas localization companies and customers from both home and abroad, and promote the rapid and healthy development of China`s localization industry.

So far, the organizing committee has worked out the plan for the localization forum at XVIII FIT World Congress, and determined the theme of í░Localization ĘC Engine for Global Companiesí▒. The next step is to analyze and discuss members and responsibilities of the organizing committee, theme and form of forum, promotion, etc.

As a leading Chinese translation & localization company, Celestone has actively participated in preparation of the localization forum with its peers and offered helpful suggestions. Addressing the recent LISA`s European Forum on behalf of Chinese localization companies, Richard Lin, managing director of Celestone introduced the status of Chinaí»s localization industry as well as the organization and function of the localization forum being organized to hundreds of representatives from the GILT industry.

Welcoming the speech by Richard Lin, many attendees expressed their will to support the launch of the localization forum and their expectations of the forum.