Celestone Attended LISA Forum Europe

On October 22-26, 2007, Celestone, the leading domestic translation and localization company, attended the LISA Forum Europe in Berlin, Germany, organized by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA). The forum aimed to realize the globalization in Europe by establishing local outsourcing teams.

The yearly LISA is the leading international form for organizations doing business globally. The five-day LISA Forum Europe 2007 attracted hundreds of GILT (Globalization, Internalization, Localization and Translation) insiders from different countries and offered them a valuable opportunity to exchange views. The representatives had a deep discussion on topics such as Responding to Today`s Global Challengeí¬Globalization`s Key Business and Political Mandates, and Scaling for Growth and Organizational Diversity.

In the trend of economic globalization, the European Union (EU), one of the largest political and economic entities in the world, not only takes a huge international market share, but also poses increasing demands on outsourcing service for its global businesses. Under this background, this forum focused on the pressing need of establishing outsourcing teams of localization service. It highlighted that the outsourcing teams will play an active role in leveraging regional advantages, allocating international market resources and coordinating cost benefits.

Besides, this forum also provided global enterprises a good opportunity of exchange and study. Through case study, panel discussion, experience exchange and consultancy meeting, attendees learned and exchanged advanced service concepts, inspected and analyzed the status quo of the development of international localization industry and new market opportunities.

The attendees of the forum include IT manufacturers, localization and internationalization service providers, tool developers and industry associations. Their discussion covered various aspects such as language technologies, market strategies and practical experience. Meanwhile, the forum also offered the free exchange channel for GILT insiders to track and analyze new phenomena in the localization and internationalization industry, study and apply new technologies and industrial standards as well as face opportunities and challenges in the international market.

Richard Lin, managing director of Celestone, addressed on the forum with the topic of What Does the Expanding Chinese Economy Mean for Europe? He said: í░Upon its entry into WTO, China is gradually becoming the manufacturing center of the world with the strong inflow of overseas capitals. This process seems against the internationalization trend, but it paves a new way for enterprises to win more market opportunities. According to statistics, 6,000 Chinese companies have overseas business, representing only 0.4% of total number of global companies, with total investment accounting for 0.55% only. This indicates that Chinese enterprises have low degree of internationalization, while many foreign enterprises hold a wait-to-see attitude toward gigantic Chinese market because of failure to adjust in China. As a whole, the booming Chinese economy will bring more opportunities to international localization enterprises. Of course, opportunities coexist with challenges. Therefore, how to master opportunities and assist enterprises to accomplish internationalization is the concern of localization service providers.í▒